We only anticipated staying for a song or two…however, we ended up staying for the whole show.  I absolutely loved your voice and music choices. My birthday was fantastic. That was more than what I wanted, it was what I needed.” - S.B.

Under the Big Sky Festival 2023

Jamie Wyman Band delivers a unique blend of sometimes-psychedelic heavy folk rock that is both anthemic and focused on the importance of each lyric. Their music recreates the qualities of unconditional love: it tells all the truths, sees you for who you really are, and brings you through the dark back into the light where hope reigns. The music soothes in times of inner conflict and unites in times of global conflict. This is not fast food pop music, it speaks directly to your emotions and challenges us all to build a better version of ourselves and humanity. JWB released their first studio album in July 2022. “Roads Less Traveled” was all heart and represents the gentler side of their repertoire. A series of singles released in 2023 introduce the heavier folk rock sound they bring to their performances. JWB has more songs than time and they will continue to write, record and release music. Learn more at www.jamiewymanband.com.

For booking, email: booking@jamiewymanband.com

Such a fun band!” - Monk's Bar

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