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"We only anticipated staying for a song or two…however, we ended up staying for the whole show.  I absolutely loved your voice and music choices. My birthday was fantastic. That was more than what I wanted, it was what I needed." - S. B.

New Release

Under That Great Big Sky

"Let's Meet in Montana" is the final track on this album. It's romantic and mystical and just so happened to capture the spirit of Under the Big Sky Festival, so of course we had to play it. I wrote the song in 2017 and its original title was "Starbeams." It has a lyric that jumped out as the perfect album title: "Let's meet in Montana under that great big sky." What a perfect play on words for a magical day, on stage at our first festival, under Montana's great big sky. However you choose to listen, we hope you enjoy the live tracks as much as we enjoyed performing that day.

❤️ Jamie and the Band

"I'm so stoked for you all! I've had your song 'Late Life Rebel' stuck in my head since Sunday. Congrats on getting to perform at UTBS! You all rocked it!" - K.B.

We're that friend who gives you a hug and tells it like it is...

From left: Andy Belski (bass), Jamie Wyman (lead singer/rhythm guitar), Andy Diafos (lead guitar), Lisa Kelley (percussion), Dave Darrow (drums). Photo by Colton Monday.

Jamie Wyman Band delivers a unique blend of sometimes-psychedelic heavy folk rock that is both anthemic and focused on the importance of each lyric. Based in Whitefish, Montana, we make music that recreates the qualities of unconditional love: it tells all the truths, sees you for who you really are, and brings you through the dark back into the light where hope reigns. Our music soothes in times of inner conflict and unites in times of global conflict. This is not fast-food pop music, it speaks directly to your emotions and challenges us all to build a better version of ourselves and humanity. JWB’s 2022 studio album, Roads Less Traveled, represents the gentler side of our repertoire and a series of singles released in 2023 introduced our heavier folk rock sound. The January 2024 release of our live album, Under That Great Big Sky, will give you a good idea of what to expect at our live shows. Our newest studio single, “If I Told You,” is out now with several more to follow in 2024.

Our favorite thing about music is playing for a live audience. The energy that is created when we make a direct connection with you, combined with the unpredictable nature of live performance, is an exhilarating and transcendent experience. If you’d like us to play a show (or house concert!) in your hometown, send us a message and let us know. We hope you are enjoying our recordings in the meantime. Again, thanks for being here and we'll see you soon.

❤️ Jamie and the Band

"My family and I loved your show last night at music in the park. We had a blast. Your original songs were fantastic and the band sounded great." - A.P.

I can see clearly now...

The JWB Third Eye logo captures the spirit of our music, which aims to see the world clearly and help us connect with each other at a deeper level. You’re guaranteed to be a little bit wiser if you have your own JWB Third Eye. These are a few of your choices. Visit our store to see all our third eye merch and more.